Google Wave notification on Chrome and Firefox

Okay many of you might be aware of Google Wave and by now might have even forgotten about it. Not a lot of people really found Google Wave as important and path breaking as they expected it to be but it is still early days. I will more on that some other day. For now for people using Google Wave I want to share with you a couple of ways to get notifications on while using Chrome or Firefox browser.

Google Wave Logo

Google Wave notification


  1. First just download the Add On for Google Wave from the Mozilla website.
  2. Once the add-on is installed, you need to click on Tools >> Add Ons and then select the options for Google Wave Notifier Add On.
  3. Now enter your Gmail username and password. You can change the refresh time for the Add On to check for new updates.
  4. The updates are displayed at the right hand bottom corner of the browser. It as a small number which shows the number of unread waves. If you hover over it for a few seconds it will show a show a tiny pop up of the subject line of the wave.

Google Chrome:

  1. Install Chrome Extension for Google Wave notification from the extensions library. (Chrome browser needs to be a beta version)
  2. Now once the extension is installed it works automatically and gives notification to the number of waves unread as long as your were signed into Google account.
  3. The notification part is like the Firefox Add-on neatly packed away and visible next to the address bar on Chrome.
  4. The updates are displayed as numbers. If you single click on the extension symbol for wave, it pulls up a list of new unread waves. Click on one of them takes your directly to the new wave.

In case you are using Wave and want to keep an eye on the unread wave messages these two downloads will be quite useful. Do try them and drop in your comments and views.

Download Wave notifier: Firefox Add On | Chrome Extension

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Provamsi @ India365 January 13, 2010

Good to see you here aditya. And by the way, chrome is not as bad as you think. People are still using it. Its loading time is awesome. If I have something really important tasks to be done I personally use chrome to speed up things a bit