Look up entire Wikipedia on Google Maps

I hardly have met anyone who uses the internet but does not use Wikipedia. Even school kids are now a days wiki something they learn at school. There is one thing we do get in Wikipedia and that is a huge number of locations. From names of countries to small villages are all used while writing article on Wikipedia. There is website which has started a great experiment and that is mix Wikipedia article with Google Maps. The end result is you can literally look up the entire Wikipedia on Google Maps.


As you can see in the image above I decided to wiki Adsense. Wikipedia article shows up to the left of the page with relevant locations being shown to the right side which is actually a Google Map. I clicked on the tag it shows text from the wiki article itself. The text shown with Google maps is also highlighted in the Wikipedia article.

This is an excellent way to mix two services which are often used for research by people. One of my favorite searches on The Full Wiki is searching for famous personalities like Columbus, Alexander or Napoleon who obviously traveled a lot and all of it is usually available on Wikipedia articles. It is quite a great way to pass time reading up these articles with the aid of Google Maps showing exactly where incidents happened.

Below is a video demo of The Full Wiki

Know of any better ways to use this service? Do drop in your comments. 😉

Link: The Full Wiki

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Sridhar Iyer January 14, 2010

Hi Aditya,
ignore the above link wrong paste done… pls check below one this is serious and i expect help from you on this

I would like blogger to raise concerns about this topic more please read this article this so true , Indians need to be smart to have check on google’s deed