Track Uptime of Multiple Sites using “AreMySitesUp”

Previously we posted two more articles to monitor up-time of various sites – Down for everyone or just me & Ding its Up. Though both of them are equally good, but the one I am going to mention in this post (Are My Sites Up) is good for tracking up-time of multiple sites. So it is good to use this site instead, for monitoring all your websites in a single go.

are my sites up

As you can see in the image above, you can add multiple number of sites into your account and then you will keep receiving updates via E-mail. If you want you can even subscribe to receive updates via SMS as well but the service is limited only for some US telecom customers. 🙁 Also do remember that this tool can be used to monitor up-time of a maximum of 50 sites.

Link: Are My Sites Up?

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[Via LifeHacker]