Google’s Music Search: One stop shop for music?

Being a fan of music across many genres I was quite excited with Google Music Search. Since I started using Google many years ago, I have always wondered if I could just type in the name of the song and could hear it online. That would be like going to music heaven. Google Music search almost gets you there but not quite.

The search apparently is very comprehensive but it also is a way to monetize music search with tie ups with content providers. This feature is not something to search and download pirated music. The feature is not a separate one but is bundled with the Google Search homepage without the need of using or tweaking any of the options. This could make Google the one stop shop for music in the world.


Music Search with Google

  • With a plugin in the works that will help you search a song with a part of the lyrics rather than the actual name of the song will be quite handy.
  • This service is brought together by Google with a tie up with imeem, Lala, myspace, Pandora and Rhapsody. These are popular websites dealing with selling online music content in the US.
  • For Indian users it is a little disappointing as these companies do not have the license to sell music in India and hence you cannot listen or buy music from these websites. The links to these services do not show up with Google search.
  • Saving grace is that almost every song has its video on You tube and usually that will be the first link you get when you search for a song.

As far as how useful it will turn out to be is still to be seen. But fact is almost everyone who has used Google has searched for music online with the search engine. This is where Google has got it right and might see it singing all the way to the bank. 😉

Link: Google Blog