Yahoo Search gets musical

Yesterday I wrote about Google trying to help people search for music with Google Music Search. I wondered about other search engines and how good they were while handling music related search queries. This is when I came across an article online which was announcing how Yahoo Search was also a great way to search music.

While Google has made its Music search more subtle along with its Search Engine, Yahoo seems to do a better job with it. Taking a closer look I realized this was not at all surprising considering Yahoo Music, a beta product was being promoted with the search results.

Yahoo Search for Music


  1. The first thing that is striking is the way there are links to listen to music. Most of these links allowed me to listen to songs through Rhapsody. There is also another link to listen to more songs. This leads you directly to the Yahoo Music page. This is still in beta stage and I think later on Yahoo might push the service more aggressively.
  2. Music videos are also something that is crucial to sell music and I could look up related videos of my search query. This looked a lot similar to how Google Search deals with music queries. I wonder who got inspired by whom. 😉
  3. Finally to the left there are related links to Wikipedia, VH1, Rhapsody and Last fm. This is where Yahoo Search will be looking to monetize this search feature with tie ups with Rhapsody. This enables the user to buy music online.

I did not get to check out Google’s Music Search as it is still work under progress and mainly restricted to the US. But I liked what I got from Yahoo and felt that we do not have to like everything that Google does and there are still some reasons to visit Yahoo. 🙂


Sumeet Sahu November 6, 2009

I didn’t find the result as it was in your screenshot.
In my opinion, Rahapsody do not have rights to see music in india so it is not available in yahoo india search. If I search through IP provided by ISP which is Indian, it may not work.

Please comment….

Aditya Kane November 6, 2009

@Sumeet: The results do not show up on the Yahoo Search bar when on Yahoo homepage. Visit the Yahoo Search page and try. this might work.

Sumeet Sahu November 6, 2009

Cool!! Yahoo should show same result no matter from where we do the search…

Aditya Kane November 6, 2009

It is probably cos it is configured to be available only to US centric audience. Hence from Yahoo homepage it might not work as usually its Yahoo India page.