Listen to Music Synchronously With Your Facebook Friends

Facebook has introduced a really cool new feature. It will allow Facebook friends to listen to synchronously played music. This is not just sharing but actually sharing the same song and listening to it at the same time.

This new feature will be rolled out over the next few days for all users. So if you have a friend who is online and listening to a song, you can see a music icon next to their profile photo.


If you hover over that friend’s name in the chat list, a pop-up will show up. Click on ‘Listen with’ button to listen to the same music your friend is playing.

If multiple friends join the conversation, all of them can chat and discuss the song as it plays for everyone online.


As a lot of people like to listen to online music and check Facebook with their internet enabled smartphones, this could be a really catchy feature. Hopefully Facebook will make this feature bug free and easy to use.

I think we might see a similar feature for videos very soon, which might be an even better experience. Imagine watching a movie while sharing a conversation with your Facebook friends.

Would you find this feature interesting? Do drop in your comments.


Download Songs from Grooveshark using GrooveDown [Updated]


Grooveshark, the popular music, radio streaming service doesn’t have an inbuilt feature to download songs.

Unlike YouTube video downloaders, there are not many Grooveshark downloaders available. GrooveDown, a freeware tool can solve this problem.

Features of GrooveDown

  • Search songs using the built in search feature (If you have no idea of what to search then take a look at the Popular songs from the Tools menu).
  • The Search list tab displays the search results, double-click a search result to add it to Download list.
  • Under Download list tab, click Download to start downloading the selected songs.
  • You can change the Download folder from the default folder to any place of your choice using Settings menu.

groovedown 1

Pros and Cons

Pros: No installation needed, so it’s portable. The relevancy of the search results is also good.


Cons: The log with time stamp (below the search bar) is not needed, it just adds to the interface clutter.


Is it Legal?

Nope, it’s not. Grooveshark clearly states in its TOS that the music should be streamed not downloaded (source)! Although, the developer of GrooveDown claims that downloading from Grooveshark is not illegal unless and until you share it (source). But still many doubt the TOS of GrooveDown, as it’s not professional and also it’s against the TOS of Grooveshark.

In short, if you want to support Grooveshark then don’t use GrooveDown.

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Link: GrooveDown


Apple Beats Google in Race to Launch Cloud Music

Apple and Google might be rivals in the mobile market with iPhone and Android respectively. But now this rivalry is moving online. The battle is over”Cloud Music”  the online music store.

Apple has completed the work for an online cloud music storage service and is all set to launch it ahead of Google. Though both of them has been  beaten by the Amazon with it service called ” Amazon Cloud Drive“.


What will Apples Cloud Music storage service do?

  • Apple plan will allow its iTunes users to store their music tracks on the server and access them anywhere through the internet.
  • Google was expected to launch the service for the Android last Christmas but they did not. Amazon had launched the service early of the April 2011, without considering the new licenses which may got to legal process.
  • Now three of most valuable companies are in a long term war over the cloud music storage.

There are still some interesting questions left, like how will these company tackles the licensing process?

Apple will have an edge of Google and Amazon as it has many iTunes user which we didn’t think of migrating to other services. Also it has a millions of iPod users who would want to use this service.

Google has to keep their Android user happy with the music store and they will mainly focus on the Android only. As far as Amazon is concern it will be difficult to them to survive from the Apple and Google even though they had launched the services earlier.

Important dates over Cloud music:

  • Dec 2009  Apple bought the “Lala” a cloud based company.
  • May  2010  Apple shut down “Lala” .
  • May 2010 Simplify Media, bought by Google closed down.
  • Mar 2011 Amazon launches Cloud drive.
  • April 2011 Google acquires PushLife.

So who do you think will dominate cloud music service? Do drop in your comments.

Source: Reuters


FoxyTunes – Control music applications on Desktop from your browser

Is it always hard for you to change the music track on your computer while you are working on something important on your browser? If you are a Firefox user, this add-on shall be a great relief for you. Foxytunes integrates within your Firefox and let you play what you really want to. It supports a wide-range of players for almost all Operating system platforms including iTunes, Winamp, Window Media Player, JetAudio and Real Player. It even supports players exclusive to Linux OS such as XMMS and even iTunes for Mac OS. It has not even ignored Cross-platform players like YouTube, and Songbird.

DW foxytunes6


  1. Foxytunes lets you control the player you already have. It provides support for many players available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and even online-players.
  2. DW foxytunes4

  3. Control the volume, mute instantly when you are getting a call!
  4. DW foxytunes1

  5. See what you are playing directly on the Status bar. It is even easy to seek or even change tracks without even looking at the player window.
  6. DW foxytunes2

  7. A number of skins are available for free to give you a personal feel and freedom of choice.
  8. DW foxytunes3

  9. It is fully integrated with Yahoo Online Radio which you might have seen on your Yahoo Messenger software. It directly synchronizes with the Yahoo server and plays it right within your Firefox.
  10. There are many other features which makes FoxyTunes the best available Music control tool for your Firefox.
  11. DW foxytunes5

Link: FoxyTunes official website


iBand – Live Music Show Using Apple’s iPhone/iPad Gadgets!

I have many friends who own a iPhone or a fancy iPod. I am personally not much of a fan of Apple and that can be probably because of my ignorance. I must confess that all my friends who have Apple products are die-hard fans. I came across this video online and realized why Apple products actually rock. They simply have this great ability to surprise everyone with their various features.

iBand – Live Music Show

Below is a video of a band called North Point which calls itself iBand. 🙂

The video consists of a live music performance where they are singing ‘Merry Christmas’ using Apple devices like iPhones and iPad.


Atomic Tom – “Take me out” -Live on NYC Subway

This is the second time I have been amazed by such innovative use of Apple gadgets. Another was a video which showed a group creating music on their iPhones. This video was also among the top 5 tech related videos watched on YouTube in 2010. This performance is almost as good as any with real instruments.


Closer home AR Rahman, the music maestro from Chennai, India also demonstrates a small music demo on this favourite iPad application.

What do you think about Apple products and the apps that allow such innovation? Also do you think the regular musical instruments will change into applications on a tablet in the future! I sure hope that guitars do last out the tablets. It is a little difficult to think of a Rock musician singing to a crowd of 50,000 holding a iPad. 🙂

Do drop in your comments.


Virtual DJ: Be a Disc Jockey in your home

Ever wondered how these famous DJ’s play their music just using a Computer? Well it’s not beyond your reach anymore as I would like you all to see an interesting software “Virtual DJ” which lets you play all your music in a DJ fashion and that’s not the end, the Home version lets you add upto 99 decks at a time and what’s interesting here is that its FREE! It is available both for PC and MAC.

DW VirtualDJ1

The interface may seem a bit confusing initially, but later Virtual DJ would make you comfortable mixing music. The software even boasts of mixing videos in the latest version and even records the music you create in WAV format. It runs in full screen view and let you put various effects, add new tracks, change the pitch and shift balance between music. There are a lot of skins available on the website for you to choose.

DW VirtualDJ2

Link: Virtual DJ


Check out Improvement In Google Translate

Google translate is an excellent tool for translation of different languages, I was just translating some something through Google Translate and observed few improvements and started searching around. You might have not noticed about the few improvement Google has added in Google Translate this month. Google has developed automatic translation tools because they want to help people find information, no matter what language they speak. Below you will find three distinct improvements to Google Translate.

Improvements in Google translate

  • Alternative Translation : Google has added the feature to see alternative translations, which can help us understand the true intended meaning of the phrase, and provide another kind of feedback for them(Google) to improve their translation algorithm. See the images below how you can edit the sentences, to do so left click with your mouse on the word you will get alternate words for that choose amongst it to use.

eg: 1


eg: 2



  • Virtual Keyboard : Google has also added virtual keyboards to Google Translate, because it is very difficult to type any of the 57 languages that is supported by Google Translate on a standard QWERTY keyboard. Just look at the below screenshot, click on the keyboard icon appears at bottom-right of the text area to get the virtual keyboard for other languages.


  • Speech Synthesis : One of the feature that user enjoy is to listen the text which they have just translated in other language. For this Google has added speech synthesis for three more languages and they are Arabic, Japanese and Korean. And dramatically improved another 17 languages approximately, so that we can not only see text translations, but also hear them spoken aloud. Few of them are as follows Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish etc.

5 Sites to compose and edit your music online

I seem to be enjoying this music syndrome which I am going through these past few days. Keeping up with the theme of few of my past posts, here is what I’ve managed to lay my hands on this time. If you feel the need to try composing music but lack the time to learn the art, here is a simpler way out. These free online applications will soothe those itchy nerves down and make the club popping with your tracks.

(Image Credit: Mashable)

So all set to be “DJ You” ? Hang on guys, there is a list!


#1. iNudge

Create music with random clicks across your screen? That seems to be the concept behind this application. Its extremely simple to use, but that wasn’t it for me. What really clicked for me, is somehow it didn’t matter how random the clicks were, it seemed to sound good. It has got a user-friendly interface which is good. You can toggle between 8 sound types as well as mess around with basics like tempo, audio panning, volume settings.

#2. Tone Matrix

It is a simpler version of inudge. It should amuse you for a while when you are overworked. It is not really for serious music editing.

#3. Audiotool

Created by the makers of Tone Matrix, Audiotool is an high-end music mixing software. It’s a virtual DJ console, right to the part of plugging in the wires of additional devices you pull out. If you aren’t familiar with mixing, don’t be worried as there are some fun tutorials as well.

#4. Looplabs

You will get three choices when you will click on the link – Music Studio, Dubstep Studio,  and Electro House Blender. Each of them is just as good and easy to use. There is also Charles Ives Music Lab which is made by the same creators. While you are there, don’t forget to check out the playlist of the most popular tracks created on these applications. Addictive!

#5. Jamstudio

One of the most popular of all these is Jamstudio and for all the right reasons. It has managed to retain the most important features necessary for music editing – instruments, sound effects and notes. It has over 300,000 users, which is probably a good audience for your grand debut.

So that I guess is a good range for all of you to try. Don’t panic if it seems too complicated because there are tutorials or guidelines given which make it easy to deal with.

I love these innovations like these because you can choose to learn the tricks of a new job everyday.

Know of better alternatives? Let me know through your comments.


5 Ways To Transfer music from your iPod to your PC

I have found iTunes extremely frustrating at times when after formatting my computer, I lose all the music on my iPod as it isn’t synced with the new iTunes version. Now what if I told you there was a way you could transfer music from your iPod to your PC/Mac? How about this, I gave you more than one way to do this – and you can transfer music, movies, pictures?

#1. iDump

One of the most popular software used to transfer music from your iPods to PC. It was released around 2007 but has been updated many times since. It should work with the iPod, iPhone, iTouch and iPad.


#2. Sharepod

Think of this place if you want a one stop shop for your iPod, iPhone and iTouch related transfer and backup related work.  The unique feature of this application is that once you upload your music from your iPod to your PC, it automatically imports the music into iTunes. You can also move your album artwork,

#3. doubleTwist

This one is should be compatible with iPod, Blackberry, Android and PSP Pre. It supports music, video and photo transfer and syncing. While you are there don’t forget to check out the demo video. It’s a great watch.

#4. EphPod

One more option for you guys. It is a far more basic version compared to the multi tasking doubleTwist. However if you use Microsoft Outlook, Winamp on a Windows OS then this one is great way to merge them all into your iPod.

#5. MediaMonkey

My last listing gives you an alternative to replace all the functions of iTunes (including syncing the iPod, iPhone, iTouch) apart from taking a back up of your music on your PC. You can also burn CDs, manage your music library and leave it on auto-DJ mode and leave all your worries behind.

The days of losing your mind over your music have finally come to an end because of these amazing applications. Hope you find these applications just as helpful as I did. Let me know through your comments.


Top 5 Online Radio Applications

Previously I wrote about the top 5 applications to create music playlists online. Today, the mood lingers on but with a bit of nostalgia. I’m talking about online radio.

I get disappointed with annoying messages like ‘This application is not supported in your country’. After a bit of searching, I was thrilled with the options available which are supported in my country! Not only can you listen to the usual hip hop, R&B, jazz category, you can also hear Tamil and Punjabi music.

Here is a list of my top 5 picks for keeping you “tuned” with the hippest radio stations around the globe:


With its own Wikipedia page, Nanocosm Inc.’s Live365 is one of the most popular online radio networks. It has more than 7000 broadcasters from over 150 countries. I am definitely impressed because it’s neatly classified with genres and has great sound quality. Must try – That 70’s Channel.


Every genre of music has sub-genres. The radio opens up in a separate window which makes it easy to browse through other options. While you’re there, don’t forget to try the Indian music streamers – it has Bollywood, Hindi and Tamil music! It also displays the last song played by any radio station.


Radiolicious has great variety, and is not as cluttered as the others. You have to simply browse through the pages and choose what you like. You can also download a version compatible with your iPhones/iPads.


Though you have to create an account here, it doesn’t take much time. My favorite is the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Radio. You can change the skins as well but red or black are the only choices.


It’s not exactly an online radio, but I really want you guys to know about it. 😛 Hype Machine tracks various music related blogs and uploads the most popular and interesting works of new artists. I think it is offbeat and a pleasant break if you have an ear for new artists.

The radio was invented somewhere through the 19th century but strangely hasn’t gone out of vogue as yet. To think of it, radio paved way for our iPods and Zunes, personally its my fashion statement as well (I wear a chain with an antique transistor engraving!). Hopefully, these applications will keep the ‘radio gaga‘ still going on amongst us.

Do let me know which one is your favorite through your comments.