Google’s Search Box for Blogger

If you author a blog on Blogger, then this might interest you! Google has added one more gadget to its toolbox – a Custom Search AJAX gadget available to all Blogger users. Now your older blog posts no longer have to be considered lost. This gadget will help expand the search capabilities of your blog and hopefully giving your readers a better search experience.

This gadget can be configured in just a few clicks to help your readers search for information like blog posts, linked web pages and linked sites from the sidebar, etc., all in one go.

The good part is that the search results displayed using this gadget will show inline and match the look and feel of your own blog.


The gadget enables you to perform 3 kinds of searches:

  1. This blog: searches across your blog posts
  2. Linked from here: searches blog posts, webpages linked from your posts, blog lists, and link lists
  3. The web: searches across all pages on the web

With the help of this gadget you could also restrict search results to pages linked from a specific blog list or link list.

Test it for yourself to see how useful this gadget is for you.

(Image credit & Source: Official Google Blog)


Mohit June 2, 2009

Hey Swati thanx for the info. Its a cool feature, specifically the AJAX part. As I found it, it lacks the various search boxes’ customization options, and ‘Adsense for Search’ hasn’t been integrated with this widget yet. So for bloggers who already run Custom Search on their blogs it might not prove feasible. However the search process is really quick.

venkat June 2, 2009

since these days all bloggers templates coming with custom search box.

Rahul June 2, 2009

nice info swati.

ѕяιηιναѕ June 6, 2010

The Ajax interface is appreciably good !!!