Microsoft “Bings” It On Early!

image The fancy looking Bing was quietly released to the public on Monday, two days earlier than expected. At the first look of it, I found the interface really colorful, attractive and classy. Although some quick searches delivers results similar to Google, there are some added features on Bing as well, that are yet to be seen on Google.


What’s new with Bing?

  • With Bing, you could view instant excerpts that will allow you to see the contents of a page without actually clicking on it. Simply hover your mouse and read the gist.
  • It displays a sidebar detailing all related searches.


  • Bing allows you to preview videos in search results, which is a great time-saver. By choosing their “list view” option you could get a gist of the video and check if that was the one you were looking for.


  • Bing offers an exclusive travel search option as well with the help of which you could easily plan trips, book flights, get instant flight status, find the right hotels, etc.

The Full Version of Bing?


Not everyone can view the full version of Bing. Outside of North America, other localized versions of Bing are missing some features, like search history options, some interactive features on home page, image saving options, etc. You could view the the full version of Bing by going to the US (English) version.

Click here to discover Bing’s versions of worldwide search.


Microsoft is currently way behind Google in the search market. Last month Google took 64.2 % of US Internet searches, Yahoo took 20.4 % of searches, while Microsoft took 8.2 % of searches.

Microsoft is calling its new product a “decision engine,” promising to make things like buying a digital camera, booking a flight or searching for a restaurant easier by serving up results based on similar previous searches.

It will be very interesting to see how the market reacts to Bing in the coming few weeks. Bing results are definitely more relevant than Microsoft’s inferior Live search.

I personally like Bing and would consider using it as my search engine over Google. What is your feedback on Bing?

Link: Bing

3 replies on “Microsoft “Bings” It On Early!”

  1. Definitely Microsoft making right steps this time, visual represantation of results in Bing is good.I got a feeling when I saw Bing when I saw Windows XP Os after boring windows 98.

  2. yes i saw bing and say IT ROCKS…
    superb collection and new experience…images , and others new search and you will know the about me page directly.

    Microsoft did good job. let see how this will bang the google.
    google is pathetic in many ways. competition required to shift google from top gear to lower one.

    1. Its’ always good to have more options… till now I have majorly relied on Google for search… I think Bing’s release is a good news for all.

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