Got any suggestions for Adsense? Post them to Google

Google-product-Ideas-753081A lot of publishers have complaints against the adsense system. Be it analytics, accidental clicks or just plain ‘same ads appearing on the same page’, there are a lot of issues that adsense members want to reach across to the adsense team. And here’s your chance now. For the next two weeks Google Product Ideas will take in suggestions for adsense from anyone having a valid adsense account.

As mentioned earlier, the only prerequisite that you need is a valid adsense account.

At the time of posting 105 ideas from 157 people had been submitted. Of them the main suggestion seem to be

  • More efficient Google adsense and Google analytics collabration
  • Not repeating the same ad (content-wise) on the same page
  • More control over ad-unit once it is created (such as delete the ad-unit or changing the ad-sizes)

You can go to this page to view the suggestions over even post some of your own.

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