What does the internet think?

No, this article is not about Artificial Intelligence making it’s way to the internet but about a website which tries to give you an opinion on what the internet thinks about a certain keyword using search results. The great thing about these search results are it mixes search results form Google Search, Yahoo search and Bing.

This is fun and interesting way to look up how a particular issue or topic is viewed positively and negatively across the search spectrum.


What does the Internet Think?

  • What does the Internet think?” is a website which tries to analyse a search keyword from three points of views. They are positive, negative and indifferent.
  • The implications are quite interesting. This does not take into account how popular the search keyword is but if opinions are positive or negative towards that keyword.
  • For example if I searched for ‘Open Source‘ with Google the results were overwhelmingly positive whereas when I searched the same with Bing the negative and positive percentage were almost equal.
  • This means that people using different search engines have different views and opinions on one particular subject. This website is a great way to get a straw poll of those different views. For instance if you are a blogger and a majority of your traffic comes from Bing, you might want to tone down your criticism of Microsoft’s products or softwares which are not open source.
  • That said I do not think that if you are blogger, using this tool will help you optimize your website’s listing on a search engine. It is only a rough guide or indicative poll.