GreaseMonkey Help Manual

Hey guys found a nice tutorial for using GreaseMonkey Scripts as well as Developing if u r interested.

Few topics which may be interesting for u listing here

  • What is GreaseMonkey?
  • Installing GreaseMonkey
  • Installing a user script!
  • Managing your user scripts!

Click here to download. (size: 167KB)

Click here to download firefox!


Rahul Bansal November 19, 2006

dude u should ask it to greasemonkey developers…
I just given link above and not uploaded that manual myself on that server!
By d way it doesn’t take hours to umcompress!

Anonymous November 19, 2006

why the hello did you zip a pdf?

Vishal March 8, 2008

Hi Rahul Bhai,

i m again here with a question.

can u pls tell me any software like usd download managar
for rapidshare file, but now its not working.

i need any software like this. can u pls tell me

i have also tried repget, but its not support

tell me pls

bye bye


Rahul Bansal March 9, 2008

Sorry to let you know but I dont use any such program so I dont about any of them! 🙁

tcfree February 9, 2010

hi, i m having a problem, with Greasemonkey,FF addon. It is diplaying in Spanish, this somehow came about with Foxylingo , (maybe)
i don t recall it being spanish, I think i would have noticed it. whtever, I ve uninstalled Foxylingo and Babylon and reinstalled Greasemonkey three times and its still displaying its interface in Spanish. I don t read Spanish , so it s a problem.
can you shed any light at all on this , or ???

Roses Ablaze June 30, 2010

I downloaded Graesemonkey and “Hide Tags by Class,” but when I hit the edit button for the aforementioned script, nothing happened. Help?

I’m trying to follow this guy’s instructions:

ron April 17, 2011

Hi i did use greasemonkey scripts on my Kingdoms of Camelots but for some reason they have all disapeared is there anyway i can get them back please

Steve July 7, 2011

Hi I downloaded greasemonkey to use with DOA and it’s been doing very well. I do however have on problem. One of my dragon attacks is stuck on or at an anthro camp. Is there any way to get it unstuck? Thanks for the program and any help you can suggest

Skyla August 18, 2011

I downloaded facebookdeletes for greasemonkey on firefox. When I am logged into facebook it tells me there are not scripts installed to work on that site, yet when my uncle, husband, and cousin are logged in it will work on their accounts.