One Click Add To Friend List

Hey pals,
New to orkut???
wanna add 100’s of pals (specially gals) 😉 ???
Here comes GreaseMonkey script for you!

When installed its add [F] to every profile u see on orkut!
Just click on [F] and directly add some-one to your friend-list!

This is again for FireFox and GreaseMonkey users only!

Click here to install!

Preparing For Installation:
1. Download FireFox if you don’t have it!
2. Install GreaseMonkey extension for FireFox.
3. Close all FireFox windows and restart FireFox.
4. Now you are ready to install any GreaseMonkey Script you like!

Note: Person you are adding still need to approve your friendship request!


Anonymous September 1, 2006

hi rahul

can u tell me how to install this iam using firefox.


Rahul Bansal September 1, 2006

Before Downloading Any GreaseMonkey Script
1. Download firefox if u dont have it!
2. Install greasemonkey extension for firefox.
3. Close all firefox windows and restart firefox.
4. Now you are ready to install any GreaseMonkey Script you like!

Anonymous September 1, 2006

exellent stuff

thanks man

Anonymous September 1, 2006

rahul, just wondering how can u scrap some one anonymously

hira October 29, 2006

hey does it add friends if u have more than 1000 friends…
help plz post it in ur community..
i’ll c da reply there
again thank a ton in advance

Anonymous January 27, 2007

can u tell me little abut this grease monkey scripts
so that i can use it
i not getting nything

Rahul Bansal March 17, 2007

@Anonymous (anonymous scrap)
There is no working trick as of now in my knowledge!

I guess, it should not! Its nothing but a browser designed keeping orkut in mind! 🙂

@Anonymous (Greasemonkey help)
Click here to get help on GreaseMonkey!
Or read above comments!

yogesh January 11, 2008

can anybody tell me where to add [f] please

Rahul Bansal January 11, 2008

Just install the script following instructions in above post!

[F] gets added automatically… 🙂

ankit agarwal January 12, 2008

hey rahul…ths is ankit….
can u plz tell me if thrs ne way 2 add someone in ure friend lst evn witout d person’s permission??…
n d 2nd thg…is der ne way tt i cud scrap person whum only frns can add scrap ,,,n m not in his frnlist
plz do reply me soon..

Rahul Bansal January 14, 2008

NO. U can not add a person without his permission.
NO. As of now any orkut user if choose not to receive scrap from orkut, u can not scrap them without being their friend!

yaar, thoda orkut ko bhi jeene do! 😉

surojit August 14, 2008

hey rahul
dude i just want to know if the One Click Add To Friend List is still working rit now?

Rahul Bansal August 15, 2008

Wil check it and let you know.

Bhavnish Kumar November 26, 2008

How to auto approved Friends Request..
Give me Step by step

Rahul Bansal November 28, 2008

@Bhavnish Kumar
Did not get what you ask for??
Please explain…

tomy November 27, 2008

i folowed ur instructions exactly, but still cant find the F letter.
please advise.

Rahul Bansal November 28, 2008

This script is not updated to work with new Orkut.
I will make necessary changes soon.
Sorry for inconvenience. 🙁

tomy November 28, 2008

ok have this in firefox greasmonkey click ” http://**
but it seems nothing working when im in a friend friends list.
can you instruct me what to do from scratc please.

Rahul Bansal December 1, 2008

This script may be outdated as orkut changes a lot since last few days.
I will check and let you know if it can be fixed.

achintya March 17, 2010

is there any way for the same trick for google chrome users

shivam June 8, 2010

help it doesn’t work on my computer please explain it more or any other method please help!

razz January 9, 2011

Its not working man,is there any sorce?