Greenify Helps Hibernating Apps on Rooted Android

Greenify is an Android app for rooted Android devices that aims at making your Android run faster. Helps you to hibernate apps that you don't use much.

Apps that are badly coded tend to make your mobile device slower. Greenify is a root only Android app. Greenify lets you hibernate apps that eat your memory and drain your Android battery. Hibernating an Android app doesn’t run that app in the background.

Getting started with Greenify is really simple. You can download the app on Google Play and it’s available for free. Once you install this app, Greenify will analyse your installed apps and classify them into groups. Apps that run continuously in the background are shown first and apps that hog your memory are also shown.


Select them one by one and then tap the “Tick” mark to hibernate them. Since Greenify is a root app, this app will require Superuser permission. If you see Superuser permission access request, you can feel free to¬†Allow the app to get Superuser permissions.


When you hibernate an app, it will no longer run in the background. This means that, the app will no longer send you notifications. It’s best to note that you don’t hibernate apps like Instant Messengers, alarm clocks and messaging apps with Greenify or you might experience some lose in functionality.

Does hibernating an app mean I can’t use it?

No, it’s no like that. You can hibernate an app and still continue to use that app. You can use that app normally and once you leave the app, the app will go back to the hibernation mode again (Not immediately, only after the screen goes off) You can also use the Greenify widget to hibernate apps. The widget is available in the Widgets section of your Android.

Link: Greenify App