Have you ever “Googled” your name?

Are you famous enough to be on first page of Google’s search result?

Try ‘Googling’ your name or the name of a person you know and check the results shown by Google from their index database. It will most probably display links to the profiles you have on different websites on the internet.

For example, results from forums and discussion websites; like when I Google my name (vishwanath dalvi) , Google displays my Facebook and LinkedIn profile listed on top followed by devilsworkshop author page.

People Google their name to see their blogs, websites and to check its status in Google index database.

Setting up Google alert:

You can setup Google alert, a service offered by Google which emails you the updates for your Search terms which are continuously updated in Google’s index database,For example, you can setup alert for your name or for your favorite website in Google alert.

Whenever the Google index gets updated you will get email about the search results from Google.

Steps setup Google alert:

  • Sign in to your Gmail account and then go to http://www.google.com/alerts.
  • In ‘Search Terms’ section, put the term for which you want to receive the updates.
  • In ‘Type’ section, select the type of search; everything, blogs, discussion, videos, news.
  • How often it should happen; daily, weekly.
  • Search result length; top 20 or 50 results.
  • Deliver to your mentioned email address.
  • Create alert.

Google alert for Devilsworkshop

If you liked reading about this, you might like reading about Google alert for twitter and get-google-alerts-on-your-feed-reader.

Now you can get to know Google results for your name and anything that you didn’t know about your name and Google discovers it for you.


Saeed Shahab June 19, 2010

When I google my name, saeed+shahab, 5 of 10 are actually me. They include my facebook, twitter, technorati profiles, DW’s post and my blog’s home page. I do not have a linkedin profile. Guess, it’s the time to have one.
PS. @Viswanath, our bio matches except at two points, I do BE in Mechanical and am from Kerala.

Vishwanath dalvi June 22, 2010

@Saeed yeah friend. I’m engineer as profession and Blogger as a passion..

Saroj June 19, 2010

thanks for posting this article
exactly what I needed
keep posting!

jaganmangat June 20, 2010

when you find multiple links containing your names you become happy,and about Google alerts i m subscribed to this service and i receives 10-20 Google alerts daily,if you don’t like too much emails don’t subscribe to it,but its quite helpful for blogger and others.

Vishwanath dalvi June 20, 2010

@jaganmangat if you don’t want daily switch to weekly updates. daily updates are useful for business persons,website admins and specially for Bloggers..

Ankit June 20, 2010

My name is on the first page! yay! 😀

Vishwanath dalvi June 20, 2010

@Ankit Congrats friend .. even u can find birth-date of ur friends.. using google by googling der name,i found my 1 friends birthdate who always lying on his actual birthdate.

sheetal June 21, 2010

hehehe even i tried it.. it showed me all my facebook and linked in account link.. Also the google alert is nice one.

Vishwanath dalvi June 21, 2010

@sheetal yeah most of .. google shows ur public profile frm fb and twitter.

ravi June 22, 2010

exactly what a needed.thanks for this information