Hide your orkut profile name again!

This is for all orkut user who likes to hide their first & last name in their orkut profile. In short this for whom who used ALT+0173 trick and now find its not working anymore. Well here comes solution from

Here comes steps…

  1. Just go to ur orkut profile. (Of course after logging in ur account)
  2. Click edit option.
  3. In General section; in first name & last name field just paste content of following box.


Kalpak April 30, 2007

after copying please paste it in the place of your name on orkut,its COOL and really works

Rahul Bansal May 2, 2007

Thanks for your short but sweet and useful comment! πŸ™‚

gyanendu September 8, 2010


In General section; in first name & last name field just paste content of following IN THE BRACKETS
[γ…€ Β­Β­γ…€]

prashant September 13, 2010

thanx gyanendu… ur tricks realy working and easy…… thanx for it……

Umer December 30, 2010

i tried all the tricks to hide my name using firefox but whatever i paste shows in my first and last name .. help me

hari August 7, 2011

hey frnds dis is nt wrkng …… pls help me any one

kewl May 2, 2007

really cool

­ May 14, 2007

Its not working now ..

Anonymous May 19, 2007

Great, Its working to me.

Is there a way to also hide our primary email-id ???

Rahul Bansal May 19, 2007

Primary email ID is visible to ur friends only!
by d way u can change it anytime! The change will not affect your orkut login!

Shan Khan July 8, 2007

Its not working for me is there is any other way.

Rahul Bansal July 11, 2007

Its working dude…
Try from FIREFOX only! πŸ™‚

Pradeep July 15, 2007

It shows.the boxes which i copied and pasted..as above

Rahul Bansal July 15, 2007

I guess you have accessed this page from Internet Explorer or Opera. I already mentioned that first, open this page from firefox and only then perform copy-paste! πŸ™‚

manish December 1, 2007

hi friend,

i need a help.i want to punish a fellow on orkut.he is a moderator of a community.and i m the member of the same community.
he misused his power and banned me from that community without any reason.
i dont want to hack or delete his account.
his orkut profile is http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=15344959526090226946

without changing his password i want from u to chane his name to “ass hole” only once and write a scrap in his scrap book from his own id.

” go straight without punishing the right people else u will be no more on orkut”

thats all.

pls do reply.

Thanks & Regards
Manish Srivastava

Rahul Bansal December 5, 2007

Sorry Manish
we do not encourage personal hatered here on Devils Workshop so we many not be able to help you!
But you better chose not to join communities whose admins you don’t like! πŸ™‚
Anyway there are always more than one community on every topic on orkut and moreover create one if you feel you can do something really good on a topic! πŸ™‚
Sorry once again… πŸ™

Ayan January 7, 2008

It really works… simple n effective!!

Rahul Bansal January 9, 2008

Thanks for positive comment! πŸ™‚

Akshay March 11, 2008

Hiii The Trick is workin n Thanxxx a lottt for the trick!!!!!
Your doing a great job keep up the gud job n ya can i have the trick to hide mah whole profile????

Rahul Bansal March 12, 2008

Just published a post here to hide whole orkut profile! πŸ™‚

anish April 5, 2008

I have copied the same link and pasted it in the place of the first and last name from firefox but it is still not working.I think it has expired.I am sure that I opened it from firefox.

Rahul Bansal April 7, 2008

This is quite old hack. So it may not be working anymore…. πŸ™
I will try to find a new one ASAP.

You may subscribe to my RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates regarding this and other hacks in future!

shreyas July 1, 2008

this does no work in mozilla firefox 3.0
give me which works in 3.0 v

Rahul Bansal July 3, 2008

Its very old trick.
I don’t think it will work at all. πŸ™

madhu September 25, 2008

its not working for me!

Rahul Bansal September 25, 2008

Its working for sure… Check again! πŸ™‚

ajmal September 27, 2008

can we lock our scrap book to own[friends shouldnt see my scrapzz]

Rahul Bansal September 27, 2008

No. Your friends can always see your scraps! Either don’t make friends or don’t keep scraps! πŸ™

ajmal September 27, 2008

but when i visited one of my friends scrap book i was not able to read his scraps.

Deepak September 27, 2008

@Rahul Bansal – Followed the procedure as mentioned above.. But it didn’t work πŸ™
Those letters pasted there was visible as my profile name

ajmal September 28, 2008

I accidentally ignored one of my friend and he is not able to scrap me….how can i solve this problem??

Deepak September 28, 2008

@ajmal – Go to your orkut home page, on the left panel goto list->Ignore list and than delete your friends profile from that list πŸ™‚

notworkinguys October 22, 2008

guys this is not working at all why?

ishan November 4, 2008

plz help…cnt i lock my scraps frm friends?
dey r oolways peepin in2 my scraps wich i find irksome…

Deepak Jain November 5, 2008

As of now there is no such feature available in Orkut πŸ™
But truly speaking, me too need such feature badly πŸ˜‰

owais November 6, 2008

dude i cnt invisible my 1st n lst name with the hlp of ths script..

its not working…!!

sam December 6, 2008

nt workin yaar!!!!!!!!!!help me out…i used firefox…bt d name is showin…plz help me out…

Nikhil February 11, 2009

its not working the text in the box is being shown.

ajmal February 19, 2009


One of my friend is not able to send scrap from his profile…plzzzzzzz help

Deepak Jain February 27, 2009

That may be a temporary problem..
Let us know if the problem still persist..

abc February 24, 2009

hello there alt+0173 and Γ‘ Ε’ not working so please could you tell me another on my E-mail………….! and one more thing that i know some one is hitting my orkut account daily coz i can read vistor list but no name change you can understand the problem so how can i solve this problem………..!

Rajesh March 30, 2009

hi dear
i got a problem
some one created a profile and filled with abusing things. so all the time this person goes into my friendslist and scraps them. as a result this profile is threat to destroy my relationship with others. recently i have mailed to orkut team about the whole detailed situation to block or delete the profile, but orkut team did not do anything. please tell me what do i do to bock someones proflie or to delete.

Rahul Bansal March 31, 2009

Check this article about dealing with such profiles on Orkut.

smita patil April 22, 2009

hi sir,

sir can you tell me that how can i hide my date of birth & year in orkut profile……

do the reply if u can

sauravjit April 22, 2009


go to profile and click edit

enter your date of birth and year and select pirvacy setting to “myself” which is given on the right side of your date of birth and year.

Praveen C. G May 5, 2009

Dear bro i want hide my ID from My Friends who are in Orkut[:(]..

so please help

Thanking you

Sambhav May 11, 2009

it is nt working @ mozilla firefox

Ahmed July 23, 2009

Dear RAhul I want to hide my profile name in orkut my dear

the method which u had given that was not working my brother

can u do it for me my sweet brother

praveen August 14, 2009

does we hav to paste the alt+0173 or something else in first and last name .its not working 4 me

kanav September 9, 2009

hey dude..i want to hide my gender in orkut as i saw many profile with no detail at all…i can make my name and country invisible but how to hide r make gender invisible….hoping for a positive reply….

Zain September 21, 2009

Dude itz nOt wOrking

Naushad October 12, 2009

Hi, yaar please tell me how to lock my scrapbook.Same person can view his scrap not others

Tabish ( Orkuteer ) July 27, 2010

No option at this time πŸ˜€

Utkarsh saraswat, mathura December 13, 2009

Hii.. I just create my profile here bt wn my frnd search it by my name n city it not show… Plz help me.. ^_^

rajeev kumar sharma December 14, 2009

Μ½ 4|\| 1|)107

copy the above code and post it in your first and last name…
and then delete 4|\| 1|)107 from both the fields and let the space (which is the first character of this code which is invisible)in the text boxes. and save the changes you will see your name is hidden.

Shadz March 26, 2010

thnx a lottt bro…… its working.!!!!!!!

devika December 24, 2009

Please can some one tell me how to hide first and last name, city, country, gender. Please i will be very thankful to you guys. I asked many orkut users but no1 is telling instead they ask for the password to change it themselves but i can not trust any1 like this. Please can some1 tell me the trick to hide the above mentioned things. I will be very thankful to you guys.please.

Shadz March 26, 2010

hey didi try wat has said by rajeev kumar sharma…its really workin…

pallabi April 27, 2010

after creating a community i deleted my profile at orkut. now i have joined again. how can i get my community back..???

Sudheer May 20, 2010

co owners can become the owner of the community when the account is deleted. owner of the community can send his community 2 others. if ur community as co owners u can get ur community back πŸ™‚

aditya June 3, 2010

i am using firefox but it is n0t w0rking


NAMAN June 8, 2010


chandu June 10, 2010

hi, how r u?
i need help regading my orkut account.
hea, there is an option in orkut, if person profile is in orkut when we know email id, if that person creat profile in orkut ,, we will find its profile by email.
but, i want hide my profile, when others(who knows my email id, which i used for orkut)search with my email id?
please tell me is there any option,,to hide my profile when others search with my id in orkut for my orkut profile…
tell me ,,,please reply.

Tabish ( Orkuteer ) July 27, 2010

Go to your privacy settings and disable the option πŸ˜€

pratik June 29, 2010

hey dude pls tell,another trick,dis is not wrkin now i tried from firefox too,but isnt wrkin now…so plz reply…

raj March 17, 2011

i want to know the email id of an orkut user, who is not in my friends list

Vicky July 23, 2011

Brother @ i m keeping visible mode in online bt while refreshing orkut page i m getting invisble mode πŸ™

this pbm attacks me on yesterday plch help meh bro i m getg irritation

Ifx Romeo November 22, 2011

Can i Get Genderless id on orkut ??