Host your own YouTube shows and watch it together with your online friends

clip_image002Watchitoo is a collaboration site that will allow you to watch YouTube videos, share slide shows and collaborate through a single window with all your online friends. This way you can host your own shows and watch them with your friend(s) sitting together in a virtual room.


The service is currently available in private beta version and pre-registration for the site is open. Luckily, I got a private invitation to try out its features. Here is what I found at the site…


  • You can search for content to share on YouTube, Photobucket and Yahoo Images
  • You can invite as many as four other friends to chat in the video conferences at the same time
  • You can do web phone calls or conduct webinars that others can subscribe to
  • You can share slide shows and discuss them live
  • You can build your own social network group around your content

How it works?

  • Search for your favorite YouTube video, Yahoo Images or Photobucket images. You can even upload images from your computer.
  • Add them to your show
  • Mark your show as private or public
  • Open your show to go live
  • Invite friends to watch your show
  • See your friends watching the show, through their webcams
  • Chat with them using text messaging
  • All this is possible in a single collaboration window


The service simulates a synchronized environment, bringing the web meetings concept from board rooms straight into your living rooms.


The public beta version of the service is built on a patent pending technology and is reported to go live on June 1. Initially the service will be absolutely free to use.

Link: Watchitoo