Hot trends from almost anywhere with Trends Buzz

A long while ago I wrote about a service which mixes Google trend results with Bing Search results. I guess these tools can be used by SEO experts along with people who are just interesting in knowing what the world is following. There are many ways to get what are the hot trends on Google, Bing and Twitter.

At times I felt it was a waste of time looking up trends for clues for new material for DW. I agree if you are a blogger then looking up trends cannot give you ideas for new posts but looking up trends can once a day can give you directions to look up interesting things. You never know when something clicks and you have something new to blog about. 😉

This is where I came across Trends Buzz and have made it my browser’s start page.

Trends Buzz displays on its homepage top 10 Trending topics from many sources. These sources are Google Hot Trends, Yahoo Buzz Movers, Twitter Trending Topics, New York Times,, Alexa hot topics, Wordtracker and Bing xRank.

The good thing is its not just a list of top trending topics but on clicking on anyone of them it takes you to a page which has a summary of sorts on how that topic has been covered on the net which includes links to blogs which have covered the topic.

Unfortunately the trends are real time and change every time you load the website. There are no archives but in their blog they claim that an archive will be made available very soon.

Do check out Trends Buzz and drop in your comments on what you think about it? I sure would like to know. 🙂

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Saeed March 5, 2010

Well, Google trends is the best I have ever seen. No doubt. Google trend results will be at least little more accurate as their search volumes is 68 times more than other searches. Found that data on Google trends