Trendy!Bing = Google Trends + Bings Results

For fans of Bing and Google trends here is a interesting on-line tool on the website trendy!bing which is still in beta phase.


Google Trends

Google Trends is a public tool which displays fastest rising search queries on Google allowing marketeers to check on what are the latest trends on its search engines. The trends are classified as how often a particular search is entered relative to the total search volume across various regions of the world. This gives someone visiting updated information on what people are looking for on Google and also how new information is impacting its popularity.

Initially trends were not updated on Google on a regular basis. Often trends were updated after bloggers wrote about it in a critical way. Now a days Google claims to update its Hot Trends page on a hourly basis.

Bing Search

Bing Search is managed by Microsoft and was known formerly as Live Search. Bing! has been in the news lately for striking a deal with Yahoo and it will also power Yahoo Search. Bing has made many improvements to its search options and also for the first time categorising search results. Bing search result’s history is not as mature as Google Search History but it allows access to the search history or time line without needing for a user to sign in, unlike Google where the user needs to sign in.


Trendy!Bing is a combination of Google Trends and Microsoft’s Bing Search results. On visiting the website it claims to be the place where Google trends meets Bing results. The homepage shows two categories one is Hot Trends for the current day and the fastest rising trends. Click of one of the trends you get to see them as results in Bing Search. Its basically a cross referenced way of searching what is most searched on Google using Bing. The site is still in beta and it would expectedly add more online tools for people interested in search trends.