Hotmail Attacks Yahoo to Encourage Users to Move!

We might have lost some interest in the browser wars and the continuous comparisons between Interne Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. There are new battle lines being drawn on the internet. This time it is email services. Hotmail the world’s leading email service provider has launched a new webpage specifically targeting Yahoo users to move to Hotmail.

Hotmail’s latest move

Hotmail has a new website that gives out details and also answers a lot of questions. I was surprised that they did not seem to attack Gmail as a service by went on the offensive against Yahoo.

Here is a quote “Every day, people are moving from Yahoo! Mail to Hotmail” (image below)


The website also has many testimonials from ex-Yahoo Mail users suggesting how Hotmail is better.

It also goes on to suggest that Hotmail is safer than Yahoo. Here is quote from the website

“Helps protect your from hackers in more ways than Yahoo!”


Why is Hotmail getting so aggressive?

Traditionally Hotmail and Yahoo has been rivals for years and are still the leading providers of e-mail, closely followed by Gmail. Gmail has its own cult and is an innovative product.

This is the reason Hotmail is attacking Yahoo to convince some of their users to move over to Hotmail.

This can be done by using True Switch which allows moving from a particular email address to new one at Hotmail.

What are your views on Hotmail’s aggression towards Yahoo? Do drop in your comments.

Link: The Move to Hotmail


Ankit Das April 22, 2011

Of course, Hotmail doesn’t have the guts to target Gmail. As as a famous say, the weakest is always the target, hence Yahoo!!

Aditya Kane April 22, 2011

Yes you are probably right. 🙂