[Free Software] Automate File Management on Windows with Belvedere

Belvedere is a Windows-only file management tool which can really ease some of the tasks like renaming, copying, moving and deleting files. It can also manage recycle bin i.e. you can set Belvedere to delete files in recycle bin now and then. You can set rules for files based on their extensions, name, size, date created etc.

If you want your Desktop and Downloads folder to be clean, then Belvedere is a must.

Setting up rules

  • You can add unlimited number of folders to manage and you can set unlimited number of rules for those folders.
  • First you need to select some conditions based on which the files will be detected, and the rules will be acted upon it.
  • It detects file based on extension, name, date created, date modified, last opened and size and then you need to select the verb from the drop-down menu. For example, as all the downloaded songs remain on my desktop, I created the above rule (in screenshot).
  • As you can see in the screenshot there are 3 Rule options – Enabled, Confirm Action and Recursive. Tick “Enabled” to enable the rule, if you want to get a popup every time Belvedere takes action on a file, then tick “Confirm action”. Tick “Recursive” if you want Belvedere to scan inner folders or sub-directories of the folder you’re managing.

Automate Recycle bin Management

Apart from managing folder and drives, Belvedere can also clean up the Recycle Bin regularly. Just navigate to the “Recycle bin” tab and tick “Allow Belvedere to manage my recycle bin”, and then you can select the time period, you can keep anything from minutes to weeks.

Backup/Import Settings

  • Belvedere is all about making your own settings, in case if you lose them, it will be a hectic task to set the rules again! Fortunately, you can Backup and Import your settings.
  • Go to “Backup settings” in the “File” drop-down menu and there you can backup your settings to an external file through which you can import your settings as usually.
  • For proper function, it needs to be in the Windows startup, but don’t worry, it doesn’t take lots of memory nor it lags your system.

So try out Belvedere Software to have better file management in place and drop in your comments.

Link: Download Belvedere