[Windows 7] Get Help from Microsoft While Choosing New PC or Laptop

Most people have a tough time deciding on which computer suits their needs the best. First the decision is on if you want to buy a laptop or a desktop PC. If it is a laptop then should you go for a netbook or something else? If someone recommends a particular brand, you will get 10 people speaking against it and finally we end up being confused.

Microsoft UK, has launched a website which will add to the confusion by giving its own recommendation

Microsoft introduces “The Collection

  • In case you are looking at purchasing a new computer than runs on Windows 7, then looking up Microsoft’s recommendation will be quite helpful.


  • The categories that the PCs and laptops are arranged, are Everyday, Mobile Companion, Professional, Entertainment and finally Gaming.
  • There were over 29 computers recommended by Microsoft for Windows 7 and most of them were the latest models. I could not find many older models on the website.
  • Once you click on one of the recommendation, it pulls up complete specifications of the computer.
  • It also has a line explaining why Windows recommends that particular model along with price.

In case you are looking to buy a new computer running Windows 7, a good idea would be to look up Microsoft’s “The Collection” for the latest models and why it is recommended by Microsoft Windows.

I do not think this will encourage more people to opt for Windows, but it is a valuable tool for people to look up for people who are already set on buying a computer with Windows 7. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Windows 7 The Collection

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Joey July 21, 2011

has anybody figured out what is the deal with microsoft