How to change font size/color of text in Orkut

orkut_logoToday I am going to write about how to change font size of your text that you write in your own or your friend’s scrapbook. To do that, all you need is just some basic html knowledge. There are a total of seven different font sizes which can be used. Below is the list of codes with respective outputs which you can use to change the font size and make it bigger or smaller from the normal text size.

Code: <font size=1>Your Text Here</font>

Output: Your Text Here

Code: <font size=2>Your Text Here</font>

Output: Your Text Here

Code: <font size=3>Your Text Here</font>

Output: Your Text Here

Code: <font size=4>Your Text Here</font>

Output: Your Text Here

Code: <font size=5>Your Text Here</font>

Output: Your Text Here

Code: <font size=6>Your Text Here</font>

Output: Your Text Here

Code: <font size=7>Your Text Here</font>

Output: Your Text Here

Writing in Scrapbook/Implementation of Codes:

Use the code given above for the respective font size in which you want to write. Change “Your Text Here” to the desired text that you want to post. In the codes given above, the second one is the normal font size which is provided by default.

Changing font color:

You can also change yje font color of your text, first see the list of given colors below

aqua blue fuchsia gold gray green
lime maroon navy olive orange pink
purple red silver teal violet yellow

To use a color (aqua in the example given below) in your scrapbook text write,

[aqua]Your Text Here[/aqua]

Again you can change “Your Text Here” with your own text.

Changing font size and color simultaneously:

I am just giving an example below which shows that how to change the text and the font size both of your text. Here we are changing the text to 1 and color to aqua.

Code: <font size=1>[aqua]Your Text Here[/aqua]</font>

Output: Your Text Here


sneha February 25, 2010

it is not working the size increase thing

Rishabh March 31, 2010

not working

moumita May 2, 2010


Basant May 9, 2010

it is not working….

vinoth May 12, 2010

size increasing command as not working

naren May 20, 2010

hello sneha , rishabh , moumita it is working it will not work if u r writing testinomial but in scraps it is surely working

Fresh June 6, 2010

This font size is not working !!

kanu June 13, 2010

itz working

acuario June 26, 2010

but this is a very long method…
isnt there any easy way to increase font size for posting in communities ?

paragi July 21, 2010

ya its working

Nida July 22, 2010

how can i post large size post in ma community plz tell me ??

thanks July 26, 2010

Friend THANK’S



bhanu August 2, 2010

hi baalko its totaly working

Abdullah August 15, 2010

font size and colour fonts both working…!!!

Mohit Thakur August 19, 2010

Its Workinggggggg Yar Try Again
Its Very Simple

ram October 3, 2010

my dear friend good and working all, am tested all. thanx

Tuhin Mukherjee October 25, 2010

workin workin workin……….thnks a lot,easiest method