How to get back your deleted message in Facebook

In Facebook, now you can also recover your deleted messages or a group of messages from your inbox which can be your recieved or sent messages or simply updates from the different pages that you have joined. It’s not a trick or anything like it, rather it’s just a feature added by Facebook without any notification or update in their official blog.

To recover a deleted message, find the link of undo in a yellow box below the button ofย  “+ Compose”. Check out the screen Shot below.


This link will appear in your inbox whenever you delete one or more of messages that might be received or sent messages. You can also undo the deleted updates from the pages. This feature helps to clean inbox faster as you don’t have to confirm “are you sure want to delete this message” every time, but you still don’t have an option of recovering an old deleted message that you have deleted a long while ago. However to read an old message that is no more in your inbox, you can check your e-mails as Facebook always send you an e-mail notification in your mailbox whenever you recieves a new message.

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  1. I would like all my sent and received messages back because I have been hacked and they have chatted to very important people that I would like to see.

    1. Well in that case check your e-mail which’s related to your facebook account as we get an e-mail every time when we send or receive a message. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. I have deleted some important messages early in Facebook. i want to recover that messages now. so how can i recover those messages again please reply me

  2. I accidentally deleted all my sent messages and then worst of it, when I look back at my messages the very important message of mine was also deleted ! when I look back again at my sent messages the undo button wasnt able to appear that cause the lost of my VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGES ! …. How can I retrieve it ? Hoping for your urgent response AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !

    1. “How are you tonight, I need you’re help in retrieving my deleted messages on my f.b. please I need them its really important that I get them back asap.

      1. i looked up everything to get my old messages back, nothing seems to help, what do i do when i click “new message”?

  3. when you delete a message and yu want it back you press the undo button how do you undo all the messages that you have deleted?

  4. hey i deleted a message by accident AND i do not get notification emails about when i receive messages. so is there any way possible to retrieve back this message? can i retrieve previous threads if the person replies the deleted message?

  5. i wanna know straight to the point how to get back deleted messages that arnt in my emal too. no go here and go there someone just stop beating around the bush and tell me

  6. how do i get old fb msges back im to my girlfriends fb an whant her old msgs of her ex cuz im bored how do i get em back? ๐Ÿ™

  7. hi, i was wondering if there was any way to recover messages deleted on facebook that was from about a year ago, and i do not hold any e-mail information therefore i can not check my e-mail. please let me know if there is any way i can still retrieve these old messages. thank you very much:)

  8. i want to get all of my deleted messages since i had a fb but i dont know how and i like am trying to locate this person…

  9. On my Facebook i have the New message with a plus and since fb has modified i can’t figure out how to retrieve my messages.. can you help me?

  10. My son passed away on May4, 2010 and I was too distraught at the time to even get on fb. Many friends sent condolenses via fb and I would now like to see those messages, is there a way I can retrieve them to view them?

    1. Sorry for your loss. You can check those messages in your fb inbox. Or you can check them in your E-Mail inbox attached to your fb.

  11. I accidental deleted some of my very important messages from around August 2011. Is there a way that I can get them back? I just now set up my facebook email account. Please help me!! Thanks.

  12. i dont see any yellow “undo” box. i am on my ipad trying to retrieve my old Facebook messages. can i only do this from a computer?

  13. hi there .. ii have got a question this is very important to me ..i woudl like to go back and see all my profile history things i have sent for example pictures etc on fb .. I do not know if anybody previously hada a same issue like me but i will be gtatefull for a help .

  14. I want to ‘reply all’ to a conversation, but I previously “left the conversation.” Is there any way to join the conversation again?

  15. If you have a nokia e73 or e75 i think, i dont remember but i know its e7 something? The old black thick one its plastic not metal like the newer version. Anyway it has to be that phone, if you have that phone lying around just download the app for fb. When you log in it brings up old messages that can date back to 2 years ago maybe even 3 but you gotta delete some to go further back in time.

  16. i need to get back some delted messages i stupidly delted them after a argument but now i need them back for a incident report about someone threataning to kill me and i really need them back they dont come through my email so theres got to be another way they cant just be gone forever

    1. How can I get messages back if they have been deleted within a week.
      I have deleted them before 2 days.


    1. Actually its easy to get all your historical infor from fb.
      Using a PC or laptop:

      Go to account settings > General.
      Under your profile infor, there is a link which says
      “Download a copy of your fb data”
      As simple as that every thing will be there.
      See ya!

      1. I dont know whether it works or not but Im trying a lot to get back My messages wil it really works how to get back the deleted mmsgs

  17. Hi I have delete my msg 30 days ago and i want it back is there any feature so i can get it back becoz it urgent for me.,.

  18. i accidentely deleted a conversation with a close friend of mine yesterday via smartphone. i already checked on my pc . but there isnt any “undo deleted msg button “. is there any possibility to recover it ? please help . and merry xmas ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. I suggest we send messages to call Mark Zuckerberg to create something that he can recover messages and postings excluded. Furthermore, we create campaigns on social networks!

  20. i accidentally deleted a conversation with a close friend of mine today. . is there any possibility to recover it ? Please help me in this regard

  21. The simplest way is to ask the person you have sent an inbox message to, on Facebook to copy paste it to you.. This is possible, provided the other person hasn’t deleted the messages! Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

    Divyashree Mangalorkar

  22. would love to get back my deleted message over the last year as my friend died and i would love to read back over our conversations

  23. I deleted conversation from my feature phone facebook app can i retrive those message on computer

  24. Hi, i accidentally deleted a message off facebook and now i want it back, how can i do this? there must be a way to get it back, please help!

  25. Hi there ! By mistake I delete massage ( Ruhul Ameen fcma ) please I would like to get back all chate massage . Thanks .

  26. you are a moron! You CANNOT get back deleted messages even if god himself wanted it. You can only retrieve archived messages. Also none of the above makes any sense at all gramatically. Idiot! There is no way to get back deleted messages. How come every way given to get them back is the same and always by an Indian blogger or supposed tech savvy person? You can’t get them.

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