Test Drive Microsoft Office Web-Apps Now

msofficeAfter Google released Google Docs, as an online replacement for MS Office, the guys at Microsoft also thought that they must provide an online version of their software. Microsoft Office Web-Apps, known as “Office Web Apps”, includes Word, Power-Point and Excel and is free to use. However as it is in its initial stages so far, you must be invited to use and test it. Here’s how you can test drive the tool in a few seconds!

To test drive Office Web Apps:

  1. You will need a Windows Live Account. If you do not have one ,you can create one for free over here.
  2. Login to your skydrive account, through this link, with your Windows Live Account. Skydrive is a free service from Microsoft that offers you free 25GB of storage space.
  3. Upload a word, excel file to your account.
  4. Thats it! You should have a message as shown in the image below. Follow instructions provided in it, and your done!


Note that according to their terms of service, this (service) may not be in the final product. So remember to make a back-up of all the files you upload to your PC !

Published by Richie S

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