How to Configure and Use Gocodes WordPress Plugin

In my earlier post I talked about Gocodes WordPress plugin which let you turn your affiliate links into sweet clickable links. For those who are still not sure about how to use this plugin to hide your affiliate URL.

Download and install Gocodes WordPress plugin from official WordPress page. Once this plugin is downloaded and installed click on Settings>Gocodes and configure the URL trigger part.

What is URL Trigger in Gocodes WordPress plugin?

URL trigger is that part which will be added before your affiliate link shortcode  in link generated using Gocodes WordPress plugin, By default it is /Go/, You can change it to Recommend, Suggested or any word which you like. In this example I’m using Go as URL trigger.


You can also add nofollow attribute from here and I will suggest that, since Google search engine don’t promote excessive usage of affiliate links.

Gocodes Settings
Gocodes Settings

Once you are done with this, go to Tools> Gocodes and add your affiliate link and word which you want to use your keywords to use for that affiliate link. In this example, I will be using my hostgator affiliate link which is ugly to the core and I will be turning it into pretty link.

Gocodes Redirection add
Add Gocodes redirection

Now you will see list of your affiliate links with no. of clicks on the same page:

Here is a simple example, my ugly-looking Affiliate link for Hostgator turned into following link:

Is in’t it easy? Now it’s your time to turn all your affiliate links into good looking affiliate link. Do let us know if you have any question, regarding this plugin.

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