How to create groups in Skype? [Video]

Skype is our favorite tool to communicate at rtCamp and one of the main reason for that is because we often end up working from home and hence Skype is a easier way to be communicate and stay connected with the team. As an Editor I have to keep in touch with other Editors and Admins working on our blog network and one create way to collaborate is to create a group within Skype.

How to create a group on Skype?

  • When you sign into Skype and look up your contacts online. Click on Contacts and then Create New Group.
  • This will create a new group. Make sure to give it a relevant name and start dragging and dropping your contacts into this new group.
  • Also write in a message to your contacts to let them know that you have created a group on Skype which includes them.
  • Best way to keep in touch with such a group is to save them in your contacts list.

Below is a video demo of how it is done. 😉

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Do you use Skype or any other software to communicate between teams? Do let us know your views through your comments.


Aery June 10, 2010

Good to Know This but with gtalk video plugin, doent skype loosing its importance.

Aditya Kane June 11, 2010

yes maybe in the future. Skype still does have awesome presence on mobile apps which I dont think Google voice has.