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After migrating 100s of blogs over a year, we are making our Blogger To WordPress Migration professional service available absolutely free!

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This a quick post to inform all devils about a new promo we are running on our Blogger To WordPress migration service.

We are giving away our proven Blogger to WordPress migration service absolutely FREE till September 25, 2010.

As everyone moving to self-hosted wordpress platform needs webhosting, this promo is something most bloggers can benefit from.

Details about this promo offer are here.


Yep. You can still earn $25 or $50 for our customers opting for free migration and theme!

You can think this as win-win-win-win deal.

Any guesses on who are fantastic-4, oops winners, here?? 😉

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Sheetal September 15, 2010

Hey Rahul thanks for sharing this information with us. I will surely pass on this valuable piece of information to my friends who are on blogger.

sourabh September 15, 2010

hello sir..
i am new to blogspot i want to generate more traffic to my blog..
so help me i this matter..

Akshay September 15, 2010

nice service

Conversational Agent September 16, 2010

I have been thinking about transferring to wordpress from blogger for a long time already. Can you please tell me, which is better and why?. Thanks!

vishnu September 16, 2010

the service is free? but what does this line mean “Yep. You can still earn $25 or $50 for our customers opting for free migration and theme!”