How to Customize Google Search Background

There has been an announcement of launching Customized Google Background option throughout the net. We are happy to announce its launch in India.

Today, Google came up with custom background option in Google Search. I’m really impressed with the addon and hope that every googler will like it. Previously, it narrowed its gap with Yahoo by bringing I-Google and now it has left Bing far behind by bringing the Custom Background option. Now the other search engines don’t have a unique feature other than Google. It seems that Google has started to grab the entire Internet World and Business.

I’m adding the screenshots having details how to add it.

Step 1 : Click : ” Signin to use background image”

Step 2 :  Sign in your account

Step 3 : Choose your picture. You can select over various sources like Google Image Search, Picasa, Public Gallery and Editor’s Picks.

Step 4 : Make a selection from previous step. I chose a picture from Editor’s Picks and it look like below.

Features : You can set multiple images over multiple accounts. Whenever, you login a Gmail Account, you will get your customized wallpaper at Google Search.

This feature is really cool and now Google has met up the only difference which Bing had.