Google has lost 10% of its search market share

If Bing and Google were competitive boxers instead of search engines, then Bing would be the underdog and Google the overwhelming favourite to win. But over the last year according to a report by Compete, Google has been given a real counter punch. Google has lost the search market share by an astounding 10%. The […]

Search Engine to get Pin Code of Addresses in India

Finding address is a very easy task thanks to the several mapping websites. Even in India, to get addresses and directions to a particular place is usually very easy. But, what stumps me most times, is that I usually do not know the pin code of a particular place. For example, I often take down […]

Askives – A Search Engine to Get Straight Answers!

Most search engines spew out results in the form of links to other pages which they have indexed. The results depend on the keywords used to search for information. For example if you are searching for who directed a famous movie, chances are we come across a Wikipedia or IMDB link for the movie and […]

Google Accuses Bing of Copying Search Results!

Google has accused Microsoft’s Bing search of copying their search results. The controversy came up thanks to Google’s search feature which offers corrections to wrong spellings of search queries. Google announced that back in the summer of 2010, they found that the search query ‘torsoraphy’ when entered on Google search returned the correct spelling as […]

Search For Similar Sounds Using FindSounds

Whenever we want to search for something, the first thing that comes to our mind is Google. However, there are situations when Google is not of much help, for example while looking for images similar to an image, or while searching for people. For such situations, we have sites like Tineye-The Reverse Image Search Engine […]

Do we choose Google over Bing just out of habit? [ Google vs Bing ]

If you are not on Google then you are not on the internet is a statement which is not very far from the truth. We had Yahoo Search, MSN search and then came the underdog called Google which swept all competition with a simple interface and made being geek so cool that everyone wanted to […]

How to Customize Google Search Background

There has been an announcement of launching Customized Google Background option throughout the net. We are happy to announce its launch in India. Today, Google came up with custom background option in Google Search. I’m really impressed with the addon and hope that every googler will like it. Previously, it narrowed its gap with Yahoo […]