How to display sticky post alongwith the other posts

Sticky post is a kind of post that will be displayed on your home page always. I will tell you how to include other posts also along with your sticky post and arrange them date wise.

What is a Sticky post?

Sticky posts are useful when any blogger wants that post to be shown on the front page or home page of his/her blog. Whenever you declare the post as ‘sticky’ from that moment the particular post will appear on the home page of your blog forever. 😉

How to add a sticky post?

  • Write on the post editor
  • Go to the publish box on the right hand side
  • Under the visibility section-> Click on the Stick check box
  • Publish the post (see image below)

This post will always appear on the home page. If you want the post to show according to date of other published posts then you need to add the code below in your “index.php” or “home.php” (in the php file of theme which shows blog home page).

$sticky = get_option(‘sticky_posts’);
‘showposts’=>4, );// change showposts count as you want

It must be added before the WordPress loop. By the above code you can get all the latest published or published/sticky post by the default way as WordPress shows.

Hope this post helped you in solving the sticky post problem. If you have any other way of doing so please share it through your comments.


Prasad Nevase September 30, 2010

This is really helpful, as wordpress by default shows the recent posts. I was also searching the way to override it…thanks for sharing…!

David October 3, 2010

I have been struggling to put few posts as sticky on the home page on my other blog but may be it was clashing with the business style template used. It didn’t allow sticky posts, but thanks for the info anyways.

Michael July 5, 2011

Hi guys..nice tip… just to add that since you wrote this : ‘caller_get_posts’ is now deprecated and since WP3.1 ‘ignore_sticky_posts’ => 1 is used in its place … codex page on sticky posts up dates the change

Nitun July 5, 2011

Thanks Michael for your update. 🙂