Introducing WpNginx – our new service to put your WordPress on steroids

Before I tell you more about WpNginx, our new service, let me ask you one simple question!

When was the last time you have seen Devils Workshop down?

If you are one of our reader who frequently visits Devils Workshop, chances are seeing this site down are almost nil. Downtime you might have seen here was for scheduled maintenance few months back. In fact that can be prevented also, had we more time to invest in playing with our servers. ūüėČ

WpNginx – The magic behind our great uptime!

Every time, fellow bloggers contact me, wondering about which hosting we are using for such great uptime, I can’t stop myself from thanking Igor Sysoev, the man who created Nginx webserver.¬†Nginx worked for us like a charm.

You may be get a shock to know that, we now run more than 30-sites with 50K total pageviews daily from one single VPS and going through analysis of our server logs, it seems that we can handle another 50K hits daily without upgrading our VPS plan further.

On top of Nginx, we have explored many more ways to optimize websites’¬†performance to the level where our homepage beats homepage in YSlow as well as PageSpeed like performance¬†metrics. ūüėČ

To get this kind of performance, we have worked very hard for months. All our efforts pulled together are now¬†available¬†as a service which every blogger running high-traffic blog/site can avail. Two of Devils Workshop’s contributors, Bapun (from SolidBlogger) and Sri Ganesh (from Symposiumz),¬†already¬†managed avail our service while we were in close-beta. You can read about their¬†experience¬†here.

You can read more about our new service here. More about why we love Nginx can be found here.

Link: WpNginx

p.s. just noticed this is my 600th post on DW! ūüôā


Namit Gupta September 29, 2010

Hey, Congrats for your 600th post. ūüôā and its amazing to know that your rtcamp website beats in loading time. Keep up the good work.

Sriharsh Biswal September 30, 2010

Hello! Mr Rahul, I want to contact you personally Please give ur Email ID. I heard about you from Bapun (solidblogger) so, mail me, Please.

Avi October 22, 2011

Good to know about your work .. could you please share some more details..