WordPress 3.0 released with new default theme

WordPress 3.0 has been released lately and it was codenamed ‘Thelonius‘ probably after a Jazz artist Thelonious Monk. The name ‘Thelonious‘ also means ‘leader of the people’. Considering WordPress being a open source phenomenon this name seems to be quite appropriate.

The name apart, WordPress 3.0 has ringed in quite a few changes and added a lot of new features along with a much more viewer friendly default theme.

The first thing that makes WordPress 3.0 different from its predecessors is that offers a new API and also integration of WordPress and MU.

This upgrade is quite a new and was widely anticipated. Click on its download counter page which displays the number of times WordPress 3.0 has been downloaded.


WordPress 3.o does have also the option of giving you a URL shortner with your domain name and has a new default theme called 2010 which is a pleasant departure from is previous default themes.

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So have you upgraded to WordPress 3.0 and do you like it? Do drop in your comments.