How to protect your Orkut Album Pics from being saved [Orkut Trick]

There are a lot of tips and tricks available for saving Orkut album pics and even we mentioned some of them on Devils Workshop. One is saving pics via dragging and dropping it on the address bar and the other one is enabling  right click on  the pics.

But here’s a very simple trick where you can protect your album pics in just few clicks.

You just have to tag your whole photo with any orkut profile (preferably your own) without leaving even a little space as that may lead to the failure of this trick.

How it works?

  • It simply doesn’t allow the user to either right click or left click on the images as both of them will directly open the tagged profile and hence nobody can drag them or save them from right click.
  • Try to save the pic in the link given here but don’t use the print screen button as that always works 😉

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4 replies on “How to protect your Orkut Album Pics from being saved [Orkut Trick]”

  1. @Balki

    You can’t get the direct code by just using Ctrl+U( in Firefox)

    The way mentioned above protects your image from most of the orkut users not all the users 😛

  2. Well if the user is so intentional on stealing the pic.. print screen will always work.. so need of doing all highly proficient skills save the pic..

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