Saving Photos from Any Orkut Album

You must have noticed that Orkut disabled Right-Clicking on photos in others albums recently. I guess their motive was to disallow people from saving personal photos from others albums. I feel what they have done now is quite unnecessary, considering the fact that Orkut is already giving every user the option of locking albums and restricting the access to a particular set of friends only.
There will be a lot more people who will upload photos of parties and get together on their Orkut Albums and ask their friends to take a copy from there. But now that they have disabled Right-Clicking, let’s check out what are the other possible ways to save photos from albums:
1)The first method any Internet User will think of is taking screenshots and cropping using simple software like IrfanView. It’s a convenient method if you want to save only a couple of photos.
2)But, if you want to save the photos from an entire album, it’s becomes a tedious job to take screenshots and crop it every single time. The best alternative is to:

  • Click on the Photo.
  • Drag the Photo to the URL of your browser and Drop.
  • Bingo! The link location is displayed and the photo is displayed in full length in the body which Right-Click Enabled!
  • Now, you can Right-Click and click Save Image As” to save it to your drive.

(click on following image to enlarge it)

Our author Sauravjit Singh listed few more ways to save display picture of any orkut profile. All techniques listed in his article also apply here.
Firefox user can also try Background Image Saver Firefox Addon for one-click direct links to all such images.

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my method :

*Click on the Photo.

or use opera browser , right click avaliable .

@Praveen thanks ya it worked fyn ……its just i didnt click onr da pic first and as it tried to drag it to the url …

Just turn OFF javascript when you want to save some image.

or use Apple’s safari.. drag n drop the pics on the desktop.

even drag nd drop work in mozilla 3
grease monkey script nd enable right click option always in mozilla 3 also rocks…….kepp posting new tricks alwayssss

I have a better idea.
Install Firefox Add-on FireGestures and from the options menu map the save image function by any mouse gesture like up, down, left, right or by middle click, so u can save any image just by simple gesture in one step.

@above – But that will increase the initial start up time of firefox! Follow the method mentioned in the post as it is definitely the easiest thing to do with any external code or plugin!

wow grt buddy its working very beautifully….thks for the idea….and u can also visit my page and put u r own creations and ideas like this…u r most welcome…thks once again….


In IE it will not work.For this you have to right click on any portion of the page(no on photo).Select view page info.In page info there is a link ‘Media’,where all the images currently in the browser are shown.From there we can easily save our picz


hey in new orkut i am not able to drag the pic…. just try it and tel me someother trick to copy the whole image

The above option would not work in Orkut latest version. Here is the latest crack (using Opera)

1. Open the album.
2. Select the photo.
3. Right click and use “Inspect Element”.
4. You can see the full path of jpg in the tag.
5. Click to open in a new window.
6. Right click and save the jpg.

You can’t drag and drop photos from the album to the address bar. But (in firefox) you can:

1. Click once inside the photo area you want to save.
1. Right click and select ‘View Selection Source’
3. In the ‘DOM Source of Selection window’ copy the long URL given in the second tag and paste this URL in a new tab/window and hit enter.
4. Bingo! You now have direct access to the pic! Right click and Save, as usual!


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