How to Share your phone number on Facebook with selected friends only

Most of the social networking website users don’t share their personal contact information like phone number e.t.c cuz of the risk that it might get misused. And it’s true either but not for Facebook as you have an option of sharing each and every information with all, some or few friends from your friend list. Let’s see how?

Step 0: This step is for all those who are not having their phone number, if your number is already on your profile then please skip this step.

To enter your phone number go to your profile page and select info tab. Now enter one or more number in the box given with ‘Mobile Phone’.


Step 1: Click on the lock icon given on the right with the ‘Mobile Phone’ box. You can select directly ‘Everyone’, ‘Friends of Friend’ or ‘Only friends’ (default) to share your number if you want to share it with a group of people.


Step 2: Select ‘Customize’ to share it with few friends in your friend’s list.

Step 3: Now in the pop-up that will appear after selecting ‘Customize’ option select ‘Specific People’ under ‘These People’ and type name of all those friends with whom you want to share your Mobile number. Click on save settings.

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Step 4: You can also hide your number with some friends.Enter such kind of friend’s name in the box given under ‘Hide This From’.

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The same method is applicable for your other personal information like E-Mails, Address e.t.c as well. 🙂


aradhana January 11, 2010

This is kool.. and really helpful. Abstraction at a group level is always there in social networks.. but at individual level is needed and i like that facebook has it.

sauravjit January 11, 2010

And features like this makes Facebook the world’s best social networking website. 🙂