How to use web clipboard with Google Docs? [Video]

Google Docs announced recently that it has a web clipboard. This is very crucial for anyone using documents as copying data and pasting it immediately is not something that is always practical. For instance I copy a certain group of cells from a spreadsheet and if it saved in a clipboard then I can use the clipboard to copy those cells into another spreadsheet or even another document.

I really liked Google Docs new clipboard idea and here is how you can start using Google Doc’s web clipboard.

About Clipboard

  • Let’s say you are looking through a spreadsheet full of account details. You want particular cells to be selected and stored in the clipboard.
  • Select what you wanted stored in the clipboard and click on the Clipboard icon. (see image below)

  • You can copy the selected text, image (URL is stored) or table of data and store it in the clipboard for later use.
  • The data is stored in the cloud clipboard for 1 month after which it expires.

I do not think it will be very handy for occasional users of Google Docs but if you are increasingly using Google Docs this will be of valuable use.

Now that we on the topic of cloud clipboards I would really like something more than a ordinary web clipboard. If I stored a particular table on clipboard, it should be available with my colleague who I am sharing the file with. That would be truly a marvel for collaborative projects to embrace Google Docs but alas something like this is not available as yet. 😐

Here is a video I made of how to go about using the web Clipboard in Google Docs.

What do you think? Is Google Docs going the right way to become a big name in web based office applications or is it still a long way off? Do drop in your comments.