How will Google Wave make money?

Gogole_wave1Since Google has given a demo of Google Wave, the internet has be abuzz about Google Wave being the next big thing on the web. The excitement was great and sometimes a little premature as many have exclaimed that Google Wave might change the internet as we know it. The question that lingered in my mind was how was Wave going to be be monetized?

How is Google going to make money out of Google Wave?

I came across an article online that Google has announced that they might start an App store once Google Wave takes off. I thought this is little premature, considering Google has not even specified the exact date or month when Wave will be available for everyone and not just people invited to use and test it.

Google announcing there might be a App store says two things.

  • Google seems to be pretty confident of Wave being more than just a fancy mash up of wiki, blog, email and chat. Wave has been called a protocol, and obviously they feel with the initial feedback that developers will want to create and sell apps online on a revenue sharing basis.
  • An App store is probably the best way to monetize Google Wave. Just take a look at Apple, they make almost a billion dollars with the Apple App store. They have had over 2 billion downloads of from the App store. Apple App store is used by only users of Apple products and that is significantly lower by multiples than the number of people who use Google or might end up using Wave. So if everything goes right the amount of money Google Wave might end up making for Google is anyones guess.


balu360 October 28, 2009

Nice Info Aditya.

Harsh Agrawal October 28, 2009

Google can’t wait to see the Dollar rolling into their Door steps.. 😉

nicky October 28, 2009

i havent seen any wave app yet ..
plz invite me if anyone has invittion left ..

Rahul October 28, 2009

Google will make tons of money from this, if successful.

Dnyanesh October 29, 2009

My 2 cents:

Google doesn’t need to worry about the money. It makes tons of money every day, minute and this very second it may be minting thousands of dollars. Google’s most of the products are cutting-edge and are made available for free to the people and hence Google is popular. If Google charges money for apps that are developed for an open-source protocol it will be a very vague move. People will able to host their own version of wave on their domains when Google rolls it out to the public. Considering the question how it will make money?, Google has adsense and other forms of making money which maybe incorporated in wave just like other Google products.

Aditya Kane October 29, 2009

@Dnyanesh: Cool I get your point, but maybe to bankroll and keep Google wave just revenues from apps may not be enough. Anyways Lars Rasmussen the Google Software Engineering Manager for Wave has admitted they will probably make an App store in Business Week.

manish November 10, 2009

i got Google wave invite……