Google explains cloud storage to businesses [Video]

Google has recently become aggressive. Only recently at their Google IO developers conference it mocked Apple’s obsession with control over its products. Now Google Apps is pitching itself aggressively to companies large and small and trying to convince them to switch over to Google Apps to handle their business needs. Google has also launched a […]

Google Dropping Support for Internet Explorer 6.0

Before going into some of the pros and cons of if Internet Explorer 6 is a defunct browser here are some statistics regarding its market share. 20.99% of internet users use IE6 while IE8 the latest version is used by 20.86% of internet users. This basically means out of every 5 internet users 1 of […]

Google’s New Translate Bar Widget for Websites

Some months back Google had launched its Google translator toolkit and yesterday, Google unveiled its new translate widget for blogs and websites on the day of International Translation Day (30 September 2009). This translation widget can be easily added to any website and provides translation into 51 languages. Old Widget vs. New Widget You might […]

Google Apps ‘not free’ anymore?

Just now I noticed a Google ad that directed users to sign up for Google Apps and get 30 days free trail. And immediately after seeing the ad, I was wondering whether Google have removed the ‘free’ tag from its customized domains based application – Google Apps. Just after that, I followed the link on […]

3 Best Free Domain Registration Services

I’m going to share some of my favorite some free url redirection services that provide free short url that looks exactly like a paid domain name. There are many services that convert a long url into a shorter one like tinyurl, etc but those don’t give a short url like the ones here…