Get Incompatible Firefox Addons Working in Aurora and Nightly Builds

Sometimes, I just feel, Firefox is a bit too orthodox, you need to restart after almost installing any add-on and the add ons that work in the stable version may not work in the newer beta versions.

Bloggers like me would definitely want to try Aurora or Nightly builds but actually none of the add ons work in these builds. But fortunately, there’s a method to make any add-on work even in testing builds of Firefox.

Making incompatible add ons work in Aurora and Nightly

Initially, when you install Aurora or Nightly, it’ll check for compatible add ons, if any. After installing, go to the Add ons manager and it’ll show the incompatible add ons there.

Firefox incompatible addons

  • Now, head on to Add ons store and get the Add-on Compatibility Checker.
  • Install it and after restarting Firefox, it will start compatibility checking tests, and after the tests are over (takes not more than 10 seconds), you need to restart once again.
  • Now, in the Add ons manager you can enable all the incompatible add ons (see image below)

Enable incompatible Firefox addons

  • You can also help the Mozilla team by sending them feedback about how the add on works in the testing versions of Firefox. For that, click on Compatibility > Select between This add-on still works and This add on no longer works.
Do you use Firefox Aurora or Nightly? What are your views on them?
Links: Add-on Compatability Checker | Firefox Aurora | Firefox Nightly


Dinesh Verma August 23, 2011

You can also edit core files to do so.

Ben August 24, 2011

My way to make addons compatible is to save the .xpi file of the addon, open it in 7-Zip and modify the install.rdf file to make it compatible. This saves from completely disabling the compatibility check. BTW, this addon just modifies the extensions.checkCompatibility preference in about:config to false. No need to install an addon. On the subject of the latest Firefox builds, The only bad thing I have ever worried about with Firefox that isn’t up to par with Chrome is it’s speed. With the latest nightly, that isn’t a problem anymore. It is just as fast or faster than Chrome. With Firefox’s unlimited customizability of the interface, mature advanced addons, and now blazing fast speed, it is truly the best web browser for customizers and normal users alike.