Take Notes While Browsing on Chrome with SyncPad

I love Simplenote, especially its simplicity which Evernote, Springpad and other popular note taking apps lack. As I spend most of my time on the browser, I like to have extensions of the apps which I use the most.

SyncPad for Simplenote and SyncPad Webnotes are two extensions for Chrome which ease the task of taking notes and syncing them.

Features of SyncPad for Simplenote

  • Search existing notes or create new ones.
  • Quickly create notes by selecting text on any webpage, right click and choose “create a webnote”.
  • It doesn’t store anything locally, everything is synced to your Simplenote account.
  • Pin important notes, pinned notes show up first in the order.
  • Tag notes for better search, just tag any note with an Email address to send the note to your friends.
  • Create floating sticky notes on any webpage*.
  • Works offline too.
*You need to install SyncPad Webnotes to make sticky notes on SyncPad. The author also gives an explanation on why he made a new extension (SyncPad Webnotes) when he could combine both into a single extension.
Do you use any note taking app? If so, which app?
Link: SyncPad 


kareem khan August 22, 2011

What the worth of Simplenote, we can’t be excess offline why don’t we use notepad instead.

Vibin August 22, 2011

First of all, SyncPad for Simplenote works offline. Secondly, it’s much more advanced than a basic text editor, you can tag, pin and search notes. And a person like me who lives in a web browser would better prefer a online tool rather than a desktop app.

lifeh2o August 22, 2011

Already built into opera