Incrediland: New game to Keep you hooked on to Facebook

Bored with Farmville, Cityville, Sorority life or It Girl ? Here is a new game for change, Incrediland.

IncrediLand is a new Facebook game, which brings warm fuzzy Incredimals into your heart and your life, and allows you to breed them with your friends. IncrediLand is the product of the imagination of Yuval Amir, the creator, who came up with the idea after studying dolphin behavior in Hawaii.

IncrediLand is an exotic land full of adorably playful creatures called Incredimals. It’s a cute game consisting of eggs breeding, different unique animals etc. What I love this game for is it’s totally different kind. Everything is all new and different. Instead of Cash we have incredicoins. When you start playing this game you get 100 of them, but if you are a FBKnol reader you will get 200 incredicoins using this link.

You can also follow IncrediLand on Facebook and Twitter to receive special gifts and be the first to know about new game features.

Just like any other game it also requires neighbours, so I would suggest you to leave  a message here if you need some. 🙂 Do let me know how did you find the game .

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