[Infographic] A World without Google

Over a decade ago, when Google was winning hearts and minds of internet users but no one could guess that it would dominate the web, like it does today.

Google started with search but today it dominates email services (Gmail), video streaming (YouTube), mobile phones (Android) and a host of other useful features like Google Reader, Blogger, Google Earth, Google Maps etc.

But what if Google was not around? What would a world without Google be like? An infographic by SingleGrain shows you exactly what all we would be missing out, if there was no Google.


The infographic does omit Google+ but then I can safely say, Google+ has hardly had a major impact as yet on the internet.

What are your view on a internet without Google? Do drop in your comments.

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One Comment

amol August 23, 2012

Bad attempt at creating an “awesome” infographic that we get to see a lot now a days. This one fails miserably. In that huge infographic, only relevant material to its name is the section in which they mention yahoo and microsoft – that too briefly and sadly. Rest of all is just summery of current google services which is displayed proudly as if we didnt know already.