New in Gmail Labs: Multiple Inbox View!

Gmail have added a new labs feature that would enable you to view multiple inbox as soon you log into your Gmail account. This feature could be used to show multiple inbox if you categorize your mails according to drafts, starred, labels, etc.

As an example to use this new feature, lets consider, I have filtered all my e-bills that will be treated specially as soon they reaches my inbox. They are filtered in a manner that will skip from my inbox and will be labeled as ‘BILLS’ automatically. In this case I can create another inbox apart from my primary inbox that will display all the mails under category ‘BILLS’. In the same manner you can also create inbox for your drafts, starred items, or any other labels.

Here is how this lab feature will look once activated


You can try it out yourself by enabling “Multiple Inboxes” feature inside ‘Labs’ tab. Once activated, you will need to customize multiple inboxes by clicking Settings-> Multiple Inboxes. Though I am yet to explore this feature a lot, but as of now I found that, this feature is clashing with other Labs feature like right side chat and labels, etc. Hope, they will be improved too, with the passage of time. 🙂

[Via Official Google Blog]


Gautam February 6, 2009

That’s awesome fature!

p@r@noid February 6, 2009

I didn’t like this feature, made my Gmail look so ugly that I had to delete it then and there.

I hope if they will give some nice interface as yahoo mail have.

Solid Blogger February 8, 2009

It’s looking unprofessional and cheap.

Raju February 9, 2009

I am actually loving this 😀 they can improve on it though!

karma October 29, 2009

hate it! Why do u have to make it so complicated? A Simply inbox turned so hard to find! Not user friendly for new users! Why don’t u take a look at yahoo or aol? copying their features will be better!

ugg August 9, 2010

like right side chat and labels, etc. Hope, they will be improved too, with the passage of time.