Analyze Your Twitter Followers Using TwitterSheep!

Few days ago, I wrote about a very useful Twitter Tool – Analyze Tweets of Any Twitter User using Twit Stats, using which one can analyze the tweeting pattern of any given twitter user. Today I am writing about another such useful Twitter tool – TwitterSheep.

If you are a twitter user, have you ever wondered to know what types of people are following you and your tweets? If yes then Twittersheep is the solution! As the post title says, you can analyze your Twitter followers or any of your friends’ twitter followers using this simple tool. All you need to do is, just visit TwitterSheep and in the form available there, enter the twitter ID of the person whose followers you want to know about. And guess what? Within seconds, a tag cloud will be generated as under.


Actually this works, by using the “One Line Bio” of the twitter user. You will surely find this tool useful if you are a very old twitter user with a huge followings on it. As said earlier, you can also analyze your friends’ followers as TwitterSheep does not ask for the associated password! 🙂

Link: Twitter Explained in Plain English | TwitterSheep

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[Via Cnet News]