Jobber’s Park: Free Online Resume Building Web App

A free online tool that allows users to create a Resume with relevant information and share it online. The resume is displayed in two different versions one is text only and the other visual infrographic style presentation.

Yesterday, I was having a chat with Arun Sathiya who is a regular author on our blog. He was asking for tips on creating a resume as he did not have much idea on how to go about it. He is still in his first year of engineering and there is still time left for him to start sending out his resume as a job seeker, but he could really find websites like Jobber’s Park very useful.

Jobber’s Park is a free online resume builder that allows users to share a visual and text based resume.

Text version of Resume made on
Text version of Resume made on Jobber’s Park

Jobber’s Park Features

  • Users have to register but the service itself is free. A host of questions are asked about previous employment and current employment along with personal obvious details like name, email address.
  • There is an option to add a photo to personalize the Resume a lot more.
  • I could add keywords or things that define me as a professional.

The resume once completed can be shared as a link with anyone your want. They get to see the usual text based version that is in the picture above and also a infographic styled visual version.

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Do try out Jobber’s Park and drop in your comments.

Link: Jobber’s Park

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Elex July 6, 2013

Ya it is really useful, I did not know about it before reading this blog. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.