Join Offical IPL group on Orkut

Many of us love the game of cricket and love Orkut. IPL matches are already being shown live on You Tube. Now could Orkut be far behind?

Now you can join the new Official IPL community on Orkut.

Official IPL community on Orkut

  • It has videos from YouTube and quite handy to catch up on the action everyday as the videos are posted everyday.
  • It also has a preview and poll of the next matches that are scheduled for the day.
  • The forum seems to be quite active and its forum discussing the first match had a incredible 200 plus discussions.

So if you want to discuss and follow IPL with other Cricket lovers join the Official IPL community on Orkut and have a blast.


Naman BHatia` March 30, 2010

I want 2 add this group at the earliest.