5 Great extensions with Google Wave

Is Google Wave really worth visiting all over again? I am not sure about it’s pros and cons but a lot of people signed up with a lot of hope and expectations and really thought it would take over the internet but were a let down more than a little because when we all used it, it seemed like a over glorified version of Gmail. We even wondered on how it will make money with an apps store? But the fact is a lot of people are really forgetting about Google Wave.

But there are some great extensions with Google Wave you can use and I thought I would pick out 5 of them for you.

How to enable an extension in wave?

  • Sign in to your Google Wave account.
  • Here you will on the left hand side see Navigation tab. In it click on Extension and you will get a list of extensions you can subscribe with Wave.

#1. Mind Map extension

Mind Mapping is a software which allows you to create work flow charts and share them in real time with your contacts on Wave. Also someone added to the wave can look it up by the play back feature. This is great way to collaborate over a project or strategy between a group. Take a look at the video below for a demo.

#2. Ribbit Conference Extension

We can share a wave with a few of our contacts. Adding the Ribbit conference extension allows you to make conference calls to your contacts with Wave. This can be done by using your contacts phone numbers. Take a look at the video below for more details.

#3. Video Chat Experiance

This one is a fantastic extension and it allows you to carry out video conference with your Wave contacts. It has a extension by 6 rounds and allows you to view You Tube videos and Facebook pictures all in a collaborative way. Below is a video which explains the extension better.

#4. Napkin Doodle

This one allows you and your friends added to the Wave to doodle away. It is more like a collaborating paint box made very famous in Yahoo Messenger. This one can be a lot of fun.

#5. The Sudoku Extension

This allows you to play Sudoku with your friends who you can add to the wave after you have added the wave extension. This is quite a lot of fun and some details of the extensions are explained in the video below.

So give these extensions a try and let me know what do you think about them. Also do drop in through your comments other Wave extensions you like.

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Rishabh Agarwal March 13, 2010

Nobody gives a damn about Wave now. I wonder if even google does 😛