rtCamp is Celebrating its 1st Birthday!

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Last year we announced the foundation of rtCamp. rtCamp is a web development company started by Rahul Bansal and rtCamp_greeting copy later on I (Harsh Agrawal) joined rtCamp. In this one year we have covered lots of milestone and lots of new services and products are in the development stage.

For people who don’t know about rtCamp, it’s a wordpress development company based in Pune, India. We are specialized in WordPress theme, WordPress plugins, Buddypress, WordPress MU and anything you can imagine with WordPress.

Apart from this, rtCamp runs a blog network – rtBlogs, which runs popular blogs Devils’ Workshop, Shoutmeloud, Themepremium, Orkutdiary, Cricktalks, facebooknol and so on. Our motto is to provide a platform where any one can come write and make money for it. We already introduced revenue sharing model for everyone.


We are increasing our editors and writers list and we are still in the process of hiring many new authors and bloggers around the globe. You already know our Chief-editor Aditya Kane and newly joined editor Ruchi parikh.

Talking about achievement of rtCamp, we have done a great business and some killer products has been developed by us. One of them is Buddypress Kalture media component. We also win a prize for our BuddyPress media component.

We are partnered with some big companies for WordPress theme development, but due to NDA, we can’t disclose their names and products which we have created.

What’s in the future of rtCamp…


Talking about rtBlogs and rtCamp together, we have some big projects and ideas in the pipeline which we are working on and some of them are on the edge of finishing curve.

  • Blogging community for bloggers
  • Different Blogs on all niche
  • Domain Provider
  • Web hosting provider
  • WordPress maintenance service portal
  • WordPress SEO
  • Advertisement solutions
  • WordPress and WordPress MU support portal
  • Buddypress Themes and plugins development.
  • Various WordPress related services

We are going slow, but we are building strong foundation so that we can maintain our work-quality with increasing number of client base.

Right now we have a team of 20 members. We wish to have 100 members in our rtCamp family on next anniversary.

Thank you all for helping us “camp” successfully! 🙂

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He is a Technology enthusiast, with a dream to web blog at a very young age and trying to reach new heights with his passion to write and contribute his work on his very own blog Extreme Trix.

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  1. Happy Birthday rtTeam!

    WordPress and WordPress MU support portal -> There will be no WPMU after 1 or 2 months, it is being merged into WP 3.0! Otherwise, awesome projects!

    BTW Harsh, I still remember that when you got that proposal from the company (I think Accenture), you were ready to join it but the cabbie broke your leg and you couldn’t join the job. You must be thankful to him (except, ofcourse for the pain it caused), otherwise you would have been doing the 9-6/7/8 ki naukri. 😛

    PS: Can the comment textbox here be increased a little bit in height? It is hard to write a long message.

    1. Gautam you are right..but how you going to handle 3 different wordpress install on diff server.. You might need something which help all those three install under single MU. Correct me if I’m wrong.. 🙂

      Well Im thankful to that accident some how, but again that accident added lots of impact in my body.. So .. 😐

      I will take a note of comment box and will make changed asap 🙂 Meanwhile do let me know if you have any other feedback and suggestion for current design.
      Thanks for your comment Gautam.

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