How to leave a message conversation on Facebook

There’s a feature in Facebook messages where you have an option of starting a group message thread. In such message conversations anyone can post a message in that thread which will be delivered to all of the members of that conversation.

This is a useful feature but most of the times it ends up spamming the inbox. Unfortunately deleting the thread is not going to work as it will start showing the thread again once somebody posts a reply.

This is a quick post for solution of this problem; here is how you can get rid of such conversations:

1. Open the conversation in your inbox.

2. Now click on “Actions” button on the top of that conversation and select “Leave Conversation…”

3. Then you will see a message “You will stop receiving messages from this conversation and people will see that you left.” Click “Leave Conversation” again to confirm.

Then you will see “You left the conversation”. After that you won’t receive any message from that conversation. Click here to read more Facebook tips and tricks.

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  1. Thanks for the article. Would you happen to know if there’s a way to leave the conversation thread from the iPhone? Thanks!

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