Online Tool to Automatically Unsubscribe and Delete Email Newsletters

I am most of you have been familiar with a Inbox full of newletters. Newsletters are not necessarily spam but a lot of us sign up for a newsletter from a service and stop using the service for months or even years but the newsletter keep piling on.

Swizzle Inbox Manager is a great online tool that allows users to quickly unsubscribe from multiple newsletters emails within seconds.

Inbox Manager Features

  • Just visit and enter your email address into it.
  • Now allow it to access your email account.
  • First the online tool, scans your email account and shows you a complete list of email newsletters you can unsubscribe from.
  • Now you can click on the ones which you want to clean out.
  • There are two options, one is just to unsubscribe form the service and the other option actually deletes all previous emails from your account too.

A useful feature of this online tool is that it scans even the old emails from such services which you have unsubscribed from a long time ago. These emails can also be deleted automatically.

Until now I have always used the ‘Search’ options with my Gmail and created filters to manage my email. This online tool seems like a more easier and simpler options which does not take a lot of time.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Swizzle Inbox Manager


Balakrishnan B June 15, 2012

I don’t think it is a good idea to allow some website to access email account. Even it may look harmless now, if that website is hacked, all the emails are at risk.

Aditya Kane June 16, 2012

@Balakrishnan B: Usually they use Oauth – so they do not exactly have access to your password. I also doubt they store email data on their website. We can also revoke permission for web apps from if your email provider is Gmail by visiting

Also on Gmail you can activate 2-step verification, which I anyways recommend if you have sensitive information on that particular email account.

Sandipan June 15, 2012

Thanks to you my Inbox is now a lot cleaner.

Aditya Kane June 16, 2012

@Sandipan: You are welcome. 😀